Thursday, 5 April 2007

Free the Navy 15! on TV

For those interested in a more in-depth discussion of the hostage crisis, one of the co-founders of Free the Navy 15! will be on 18 Doughty Street, the internet TV channel, this evening at 8:30pm for the Worldview programme.

We'll be discussing the importance of grass roots protests in situations like these, specifically with reference to the great support FTN15! received from the public. Obviously, where the discussion deals with the wider crisis and the political background with Iran and so on, he will be representing his own views rather than any official view of this group.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

A Celebration

As it seems clear from the footage currently being broadcast, as well as the news reports, the 15 hostages are being released!

We are of course overjoyed that the British personnel are being released from their captivity. Their families, like the rest of the British people, will of course be relieved when they are back, safe, on home soil.

The protest planned for 6.45 this evening outside the Iranian Embassy in South Kensington is therefore cancelled and is being moved to a celebratory drink in the nearby Hoop and Toy pub round the corner from South Kensington tube station. Map here. We will bring a couple of "Free the Navy 15" placards with us so you can recognise us.

Should anyone have trouble finding it, please call 07736009548. There will also be someone opposite the Iranian Embassy at 6.45pm to bring along anyone who turns up there.

We will let you know as soon as we learn when and where the hostages are to arrive back in the UK, so we can organise a welcome party to greet them.

Free the Navy 15

From the horse's mouth

Confirmation from the Iranians that the sailors and Marines are to be released. Fantastic news - now we're just waiting to hear that they're safely back in British hands. Once that is the case our protest will be called off in favour of a celebratory drink at a nearby pub - details here if and when we have confirmation and have fixed a venue.

Breaking News

As you may have seen, reports are coming in that the Iranian President has just said he intends to free and pardon the hostages "as a gift to Britain".

We are awaiting further confirmation of the genuine release of the hostages before making any decisions about this evening. We will update again soon.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Wednesday's protest - further info

As previously mentioned our second demonstration is happening this Wednesday. Below is some more detailed information about the location and how to get there.

We will be demonstrating opposite the Iranian embassy (map). The embassy overlooks Hyde Park near the junction of Prince's Gate and Kensington Road, and our protest will be on the opposite the embassy on Kensington Road (i.e. the Hyde Park side).

The nearest tube stations are South Kensington and Knightsbridge. Prince's Gate is effectively the top part of Exhibition Road, so from South Ken tube follow the signs towards the Science Museum which will take you into Exhibition Road, then keep going till you hit the park - you'll see the embassy on your right. To get a route to the embassy by tube or other public transport go to TFL's journey plannner and enter your destination as "Iranian Embassy" (marking it as a 'place of interest').

We have a few placards, but do bring your own if you can. If anyone's unsure what to put on their placard the sort of slogans we've gone with are:

Free the Navy 15 / Hostages
Iran kidnap shame
No state kidnapping
Honk for (the Navy 15 / Navy hostages)
Let them go!


Our next protest will be:
6.45pm, Wednesday 4th April

Location: opposite the Iranian Embassy, 16, Prince's Gate, South Kensington, SW7 1PT
Map here
Nearest Tube Stations: Knightsbridge or South Kensington

All welcome, please invite as many friends, workmates and family along as possible. We'll be informing the media, too.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the messages of support. Unfortunately the parallel protest in Brussels has been postponed due to the Belgian police refusing to licence it. We'll update you when it is rearranged.

Free the Navy 15! on Facebook

If you're registered on Facebook please join our group. There's also a Facebook event for Wednesday's demonstration.

Blog Banners

Hello all,
We've received a lot of support from across the blogosphere since we began our campaign. By popular request, here are a couple of banners for you to use on your blog or site to link through here if you support us.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Our first protest!

Well, with very little notice we managed to pull together a good-sized (and very vocal) crowd for our first protest outside the Embassy. From 3pm til 4.15pm there was a good showing, with placards, chanting and loads of support from passing cars "Honking for the Hostages".

We got on LBC Radio, BBC News sent a camera, the Press Association were there with photographers and we made the Telegraph, Metro and the BBC News Web Site, which is a great start.


Here are a couple of choice photos from the first protest on Sunday:


Welcome to this blog, which will act as the Free the Navy 15 homepage until the hostages are freed.

As explained in the "About Me" section, we are a group of like-minded individuals who decided it was about time the Iranian Government saw how outraged the British public are about the kidnapping of our service personnel, and their exploitation as propaganda tools.

It's our aim to organise regular protests outside the Iranian Embassy in London (16, Prince's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 1PT, for those joining us!). These protests aren't affiliated to any political party, or about anything more than getting our sailors and Marines freed.

No matter what your views on the wider situation in the Middle East, we hope you'll join us to campaign against this kidnapping.

Free The Navy 15