Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We are back

We hoped it wouldn't be necessary to reactivate this blog, and get the campaign together again. Sadly, it seems the day we all hoped would never come has arrived - Iran has taken five British leisure sailors hostage.

In 2007, when the Iranians kidnapped at gunpoint 15 Royal Navy sailors and Royal Marines, to use as political tools, we got together as a group of private individuals to hold protests outside the Iranian Embassy in London to demand their release.

Happily, they were eventually released unharmed but at the time we warned that if Iran felt it could get away with such outrageous actions, they would be tempted to take hostages for political purposes again in future.

We are of course deeply concerned by the latest news regarding the detention of the crew of the Kingdom of Bahrain. If they are returned swiftly then that will be a welcome relief to everyone.
However, if the Iranian authorities continue to detain them and use them for political ends, then we intend to restart our protests.

To sign up for news of our campaign and any protests, please email us at freethenavy15@gmail.com or join our Facebook Group.

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